Sleeping Beauty

School’s out for the summer, but our students do not remain inside watching television and playing video games. They are very much active. Some of our students recently showed off their acting skills in the Arts View Children’s Theatre presentation of Sleeping Beauty. We so proud of our White Oak Intermediate and Middle School children who were cast in this show! We are extremely proud of Mrs. Alisha Kimbley who nurtures these talents in our students.  They have dominated!!! Get ready, Mr. Brown!  Your future one act players are coming!
Here are a few pics of our kids:

Paige B., lead role–Maleficent
Emma W.-Sleeping Beauty
Brett M.-Storyteller
Anna D.-Fairy
Brialynn M.-Fairy
Erin B.-Fairy
Katie C.-Queen Stephanie
Makenna G.-Queen Hannah
Sierra S.-Guard/forest animal
Sara H.-Royal Court/forest animal
Kelsey M.-Sound Tech

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