Coins for Olivia

Starting the week of January 16th, our campus will be participating in a coin drive for Olivia Hale.  Each day students may bring any spare change or donations to their classroom. The money will be collected and stored in the office.  Friday, the funds will be counted and we will announce the amount collected. Students are also encouraged to follow a daily theme as they collect donations!

The daily themes for this week are:

Tuesday, January 16th – “Sock-it to Moebius Syndrome” – wear crazy socks

Wednesday, January 17th – “Thinking About Olivia” – wear hats

Thursday, January 18th – “Hugs to Olivia” – bring a stuffed animal to hug all day

Friday, January 19th – “Wishing Sweet Dreams to Olivia” – Students may wear dress code appropriate pajamas and tennis shoes to school.

Wednesday, January 24th – Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day – “Purple All Over” – WEAR PURPLE!

This campaign or the daily themed activities are not mandatory. If you are not able to donate, please keep this family in your prayers.

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