Buckets for Belle – October 1st-5th

Belle is a 3rd grader at White Oak Elementary. She has the biggest heart and love for everything in this world! On June 13th her family learned that Belle’s heart was so big, she had massive heart failure. She was flown to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. After two surgeries and many observations, the doctors determined Belle needed a heart transplant. On August 4th, they received the call that a perfect heart was available for her. On the evening of August 5th, Belle got her new heart!!! Three months later, on September 13th, she finally CAME HOME! Now she and her family must take several trips to Children’s Hospital and have many other changes to make in their daily lives to keep Belle healthy.

Belle is facing many months of treatment and visits to Dallas. As a campus, White Oak Elementary would like to support this family by having a “Buckets for Belle” campaign. Belle’s mom, Kaycee, is a White Oak graduate and her sister, Graycee, is a White Oak second grader. The campaign will run the week of Homecoming, October 1st-5th. This will be a service learning opportunity for our students and a fun way for them to support a member of the community.

Students may bring any spare change or donations during the week. Each class will have a bucket in their classroom. Students are encouraged to help fill their Bucket for Belle! There will be a “Bucket for Belle” at the White Oak Homecoming football game on October 5th.

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