Gifted/Talented Referral Period


Public Notice
February 11, 2019

White Oak Primary and Intermediate schools are now accepting referrals for 1st through 5th grade students who may need Gifted/Talented Services for next school year. The program is designed for students who exhibit intellectual and creative thinking abilities at an extraordinary level not normally served in the regular classroom. Services are provided only upon identification of education needs of the student.  Anyone wishing to refer a student attending White Oak ISD may use the referral form attached to the blog post, or may go by the Primary office or Intermediate office and request a copy of the referral form. Those unable to go by the school or to access and print out the document should call Ashley McClanahan at 903-291-2182 to request a form to be sent to them or that a form be sent home in the student’s planner.  This form must be returned to the school by Friday, March 1st, 2019.  

G/T Nomination Form

A Bright Child:

A Gifted Child:

Knows the answers Asks the questions
Is interested Is very curious
Pays attention Gets involved mentally and physically
Works hard Can be inattentive and still get good grades and test scores
Answers the questions Questions the answers
Enjoys same-age peers Prefers adults or older children
Learns easily Often already knows the answers
Is self-satisfied (when they get the answers right) Is highly self-critical (perfectionists)
Is good at memorizing Is good at guessing


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