Red Ribbon Week October 28th – November 1st

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is an annual event to raise awareness and encourage students to have healthy habits.
Red Ribbon Week will be October 28-November 1st.  

The dress-up schedule will be: 

Monday: Wear red
Support the Red Ribbon Awareness campaign.

Tuesday: Wear your favorite team jersey or T-shirt
“Team up against drugs.”

Wednesday: Wear dress code appropriate PJ’s
“Stay healthy and have sweet dreams.”
***Please be aware that the Intermediate students are wearing their Halloween costumes on this day. Primary students will wear their costumes tomorrow.***

Thursday: Wear a Halloween costume of your favorite book character
”Stay smart and scare away drugs”

Friday: Wear Roughneck spirit colors
“Roughneck strong against drugs.”

Thank you for your help and encouragement at home! 

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