Updated Pep Rally Information

Important Pep Rally Information

Pep rallies are typically held on Friday afternoons at 3:10. This year they will be held at the football stadium to help with social distancing. The first pep rally is tomorrow, Friday August 27. Pep rally procedures are as follows:

  • If a student plans on attending the pep rally, the parent MUST send a note to the child’s teacher EACH WEEK. Students with NO NOTE will stay in the classroom.

  • Students will NOT be allowed to walk to the pep rally without an adult with them.

  • Only students who have a note will be sent to the cafeteria at 2:30.

  • Parents will NOT be allowed to park in the Elementary parking lot due to afternoon car pick up but MUST park on the blacktop area and walk across Stadium Drive.

  • The doors will remain locked until 2:30. Adults will enter through the main doors located on the upper level by the gym and sign their student out in the cafeteria.

  • Students not picked up by 3:00 will be sent back to the classroom.

  • Again, students must have a note and be accompanied by an adult to attend the pep rally.

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