Sites I Like

This past week the primary students discussed what makes a website just right for them. We also visited some websites to see if they were sites that the students liked or disliked. This lesson comes from Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship K-2 Unit 2, Lesson 5.

Together the students and I again discussed websites that are just right for them. We talked about how the websites have to be kid-friendly and appropriate. They must be educational and relevant to what they are researching or searching for. We talked about staying away from websites that have chat capabilities because we know we don’t talk to people we don’t know on the internet. These items make a website just right for kids. If they don’t know about a certain website, they know to make sure to ask an adult they trust to help them make sure it’s a safe website.

But then we went further to talk about how a student might rate a website. Once a student knows that a particular website is just right for them, they can see if it is a site they would like to visit. Do they like the subject of the website? Do they like the pictures and the videos? Do they think there are fun things to do on the site? Do all of the links work correctly? Some students might say yes to all of these criteria, while some might not. We then discussed how it’s ok that we all don’t like the same things. We are all made differently. And therefore, we do not have the same likes and dislikes. And that’s ok!

I hope as the year continues our students are more confident in knowing websites that are just right for them as well as fun sites that they know they like to visit!

NO Early Release on Wednesday, January 24th!

Due to the Weather Release of school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the PLC Teacher Training Day scheduled for Wednesday, January 24th, has been canceled. This day will now be a regular, full day of school. We know that these unavoidable circumstances have resulted in inconveniences for teachers, students, and parents. We hope to get this week back to a normal schedule and provide optimal learning opportunities for all of our students.

Important Information

Here is some important information for you to take note of:

  • There will NOT be a CHAMPS assembly tomorrow morning due to school being out the last two days.
  • Tomorrow is “Wishing Sweet Dreams to Olivia” – Students may wear dress code appropriate pajamas and tennis shoes to school. Please don’t forget to bring your coins and/or any donations you would like to make for Olivia!
  • We will still have our scheduled early-release day next Wednesday, January 24th, for teacher training. Primary students will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m. Buses will run their usual routes at this time.  ***We are asking that parents not eat lunch at school with their child due to a different and shortened lunch schedule.***

Coins for Olivia REVISED!

Since our Snow Days have kept us from the coin drive this week, we have come up with a revised plan.
The revised daily themes are:
Thursday, January 18th – “Hugs to Olivia” – Bring a stuffed animal to hug all day.
Friday, January 19th – “Wishing Sweet Dreams to Olivia” – Students may wear dress code appropriate pajamas and tennis shoes to school.
Monday, January 22nd – “Sock-it to Moebius Syndrome” – Wear crazy socks.
Tuesday, January 23rd – “Thinking About Olivia” – Wear hats.
**Wednesday, January 24th – Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day – “Purple All Over” – WEAR PURPLE!
The coin drive will end Wednesday, January 23rd, at noon. Thank you for your understanding as we revised our plan, and thank you for your help in supporting sweet Olivia!

Coins for Olivia

Starting the week of January 16th, our campus will be participating in a coin drive for Olivia Hale.  Each day students may bring any spare change or donations to their classroom. The money will be collected and stored in the office.  Friday, the funds will be counted and we will announce the amount collected. Students are also encouraged to follow a daily theme as they collect donations!

The daily themes for this week are:

Tuesday, January 16th – “Sock-it to Moebius Syndrome” – wear crazy socks

Wednesday, January 17th – “Thinking About Olivia” – wear hats

Thursday, January 18th – “Hugs to Olivia” – bring a stuffed animal to hug all day

Friday, January 19th – “Wishing Sweet Dreams to Olivia” – Students may wear dress code appropriate pajamas and tennis shoes to school.

Wednesday, January 24th – Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day – “Purple All Over” – WEAR PURPLE!

This campaign or the daily themed activities are not mandatory. If you are not able to donate, please keep this family in your prayers.

Early Release Tuesday and Wednesday

White Oak Primary students will be dismissed at 11:45 on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Because lunchtimes for our students will be adjusted to accommodate the early dismissal times, we are asking that there be NO VISITORS AT LUNCHTIMES. This will assist our cafeteria in getting all of the students fed and out of the cafeteria in time to finish up the daily schedule.

Thank you, parents, for your cooperation!!