gingerbread_man_wolf_md_clrEvery year the kindergarten classes get all lined up and go on a walking search for the gingerbread man. Our teachers have perfected the art of exciting five-year-olds and getting them convinced that there is a yummy gingerbread man running the halls of our school just waiting to be found. The children do not realize that in the search they have learned how to locate the most important spots on campus. Stops include the nurse’s office, the library, Mrs. Koonce’s office and Mrs. Salter’s desk, and winding down to the ultimate final destination, the cafeteria. There the kindergarteners are rewarded for their perseverance with a cookie of gingerbread.
I remember when the cafeteria workers would bake fresh sheets of gingerbread and the entire school would benefit from the delicious smell. Oh well, times change. We still appreciate our cafeteria for provides the space, the teachers and staff who provide overdoses of adrenaline, and Little Debbies who provides the…well, the “you know what”.

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