Last Day of Red Ribbon Week


Friday is the last day of Red Ribbon Week, and the students have really enjoyed the activities.  We are asking students to wear a costume letting others know that Drugs Don’t Scare Us. Remember that costumes must still follow guidelines. No masks, handheld props, or makeup.  We are going to be in for a fun day!

Wear a Hat or Cap

kids_with_hats_clip_art_25301It’s Thursday of Red Ribbon Week already! Today students are asked to wear a hat or cap to show their commitment to be 100% Drug-Free.  Most of the White Oak students have actively participated in each of the Red Ribbon activities this week. Thank you also to all of the parents for making it possible to get this message out to our children.

Hats off to all of you!

Paired Up to Be – Drug Free!


Are my eyes deceiving me? I found a pair of students who got creative in their quest to wear RED today.  It isn’t even “Dress Like a Friend Day” but these girls always stick together.  Thanks to all our students for their participation in Red Ribbon Week.

Be sure to wear your ribbon and red bracelet every day for a chance to win a prize from Mrs. Maines on Friday.