A Must View for All Teachers!

Calling All TeachersIf you have not taken the time lately to explore the links on the sidebars of our White Oak Elementary blog, then you may be missing out on some invaluable tools. Recently added was a link to Russell Stannard’s Teacher Training Videos. If you are a teacher who has been wanting to incorporate some technology into your lessons but you just do not have the time to get with someone to learn how, this site is going to be one of your favorites. If you are a parent whose child has their own blog for writing and sharing (which you can create for free at WordPress), then this site will give you loads of ideas for enhancing that blog.

*A QUICK NOTE — ALL of our third graders and fifth graders already have their own blog pages and can access them at home!

I recommend that you subscribe via email on the right side of Russell Stannard’s blog, and I further recommend that you take a closer look at the helpful links on the White Oak Elementary blog as well.

~~Learning cannot  take place just at school.~~