Upcoming Early Release Dates December 15th and 16th

Parents will need to make a note of upcoming Early Release dates and times as these do not appear on the current school calendar. We have been advised that due to high school’s exam dates and times, it has been approved that our primary students will dismiss at 11:30 on both Thursday, December 15th, and Friday, December 16th.

Both morning and afternoon Pre-K classes will meet from 8:00-11:00 a.m. on those days.

If you are picking up your child from Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade, please do not get into the pick-up line before 11:15 as this will disrupt Pre-K car pick-up.

Please make plans for your child as they will be getting home earlier than normal on these days.

Going Places Safely

Last week the primary students learned and discussed how to stay safe while going places in the real world and going places online. This lesson comes from Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship K-2 Unit 1, Lesson 1.

Together the students discussed different places they had either been on a field trip or would like to go on a field trip. Once each answer was written down, we talked about the rules and procedures of going on that field trip. For example, if we went to the Tyler Zoo, we would line up and walk to the bus together with our class. On the bus we would follow the rules to be safe on the bus. Once we got there, we would stay with our teacher or leader to stay safe while walking around the zoo. The students saw that there are always ways that we are keeping them safe. The same goes for being online. Some of the places they mentioned were not close enough for us to go to in person. So I asked them how we could still visit them. Many said we could use our imagination. And then some said that we could visit them online. At this time we watched a video called “My Online Neighborhood” and discussed the three rules of being safe online:

  1. Always ask a trusted adult before getting online.
  2. Only talk to people that you know.
  3. Stay on websites that are just right for you.

Next, the classes visited two online sites as a virtual field trip: New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the San Diego Zoo. Students were able to see some very interesting art and animals. At the end of the lesson students were able to draw a picture of their favorite place they visit online.

Parents can download the family fact sheet from Common Sense Media here.