Red Ribbon Week/Halloween

The following is the daily schedule for Red Ribbon Week starting Monday, October 23rd, and continuing through Friday, October 27th:

Monday – I matter, so I am drug free! WEAR RED.

Tuesday – Don’t snooze! Stay alert and away from drugs! WEAR DRESS CODE APPROPRIATE PAJAMAS.

Wednesday – Make your future bright. Don’t do drugs! WEAR SPORTS/COLLEGE SHIRTS AND CRAZY SOCKS.

Thursday – Soar above the rest! Be drug free. DRESS LIKE A SUPER HERO.

Friday – Outshine drugs. WEAR NEON.

Tuesday, October 31st, is Halloween. We will not have class parties, but students will be allowed to wear “dress code appropriate” costumes to school. Students ARE NOT permitted to wear face or hair paint, blood or gore on costumes, or have masks/props. We want this to be a fun day for students, but we must keep it safe and appropriate for our youngest students.

No School THIS Friday!

This Friday, October 20th, will be a STUDENT HOLIDAY. Please make arrangements for your child on this day. No buses will run. No students will be attending classes on any campuses. This is a district Teacher Workday. We hope that the students enjoy a long weekend! We will see them back Monday morning for Red Ribbon Week!

Why You Need a Car Tag for Car Pickup

Parents, you MUST HAVE a White Oak Car Tag hanging in your vehicle in order to pick up your child(ren) via the Car Pickup Line. This procedure is for safety and efficiency.  The car tag ensures the teacher calling for your student you have the authority to pick up that student. The car tag allows the teachers standing on the sidewalk with your child the ability to direct them safely and efficiently to your vehicle. If you do not have a car tag or if you have lost your car tag, please do not get in the pick up line.  Park and come inside the building to pick up another tag before getting in the pick up line. If you get in the pick up line without the required car tag, the staff person calling cars will ask you to park and go inside to pick up a tag.  They are available in the office. Thank you for working together with us to keep our boys and girls safe.

Learning About Our Online Community

Last week the primary students learned about how the internet connects us to other people. Students had the opportunity to tell what they thought the internet was and how it worked. They had some great answers – It makes games work. It connects things together. It is the WiFi. It is the wires you plug in to make a computer, iPad, or phone work.

After we talked through their thoughts, together we decided that the internet is an online community that connects us to people, places and things. It can connect us to family members or friends that we don’t see often through emails and phone calls. It can connect us to places that we can’t visit in person. Our example discussed was that every class can’t go together to New York to see the Statue of Liberty, but the internet can connect us to the Statue of Liberty through pictures, videos and websites. Also, the internet connects us to things such as the games they play and the videos they watch online.