Fundraiser Winners!

We want to say thank you to all of our students who sold the Fudgy Frogs chocolate items for our school fundraiser! It was a huge success, and we are so thankful for your continued help and support. We would like to congratulate the students and classes that sold the most items.

The classes that sold the most in each grade level are:

*in PreK – Mrs. Busha’s class!
*in Kindergarten – Mrs. Guest’s class!
*in First Grade – Mrs. Koonce’s class!
*in Second Grade – Mrs. Wren’s class!

The students who sold the most items overall in each grade level are O. Hartmann, R. Barnett, and C. Warnell! Congratulations!

The following students sold the most items from each classroom: (from the top) K. Jahr, R. Barnett, E. McClanahan, A. Hay, L. McAlister, B. Townsend, X. Murchison, K. VanBrocklin, M. Wright, M. Baker, G. Williams, E. Johns, A. Hernandez, O. Hartmann, C. Warnell, R. DeVance, T. Morrow, R. Perez, M. Johnson, and (not pictured) G. Muniz

And finally, each student who sold 15 items or more was entered into a drawing for our giant stuffed bear! The winner is E. Stagner!

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