Don’t Mess with Texas??

8For years now, Texas has had a statewide campaign – Don’t Mess With Texas!  Considering recent developments  in the Texas legislature with the funding of Texas Public Schools this week in Austin, perhaps the campaign should be changed to – Don’t Mess With MY CHILD’S EDUCATION!

Our superintendent, Michael Gilbert, traveled to Austin to meet face-to-face with our elected officials. His concerns are reflected in his recent blog post, “What does the worst case scenario look like at White Oak ISD?” If you have a child who is school age, whether or not a White Oak student is irrelevant, You MUST read this post. The action about to happen will be, without any doubt, catastrophic to your child.

So what can you do about it? Write your elected officials now. Do not delay another second. If you say nothing, they will act to cut the funding for your child’s education and his/her chance for the future you had hoped they would attain.

Below are the names and addresses. The students of White Oak and the students of all Texas schools thank you.

rick perry

David dewhurst

david simpson

florence shapiro

kevin eltife

rob eissler